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Skills City is a unique digital skills powerhouse transforming talent diversity across the UK and providing fair access to technology careers. Through our Skills Bootcamps, we provide educational enrichment and empower people to achieve economic freedom.

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Skills City Employers

As one of the UK’s largest digital Skills Bootcamps operations, Skills City delivers a unique technology talent acquisition solution. By unlocking the potential of highly skilled local talent from within diverse and disadvantaged communities, we drive prosperity for businesses and communities.

We focus on an employer-led approach informed by our partners, so our bootcamps can offer the latest digital skills. Working directly with our partners we understand what is needed, so we can satisfy demand and provide people from all backgrounds with a clear pathway of tech career opportunities.

By matching bespoke training with the necessary skills required in the workplace, we address digital skills shortages and support the growth of businesses in the industry with direct access to diverse, tech-ready talent from our Skills Bootcamps.

Tech Starter Programme

Our taster programme gives people an understanding and knowledge of different tech disciplines and the variety of career opportunities available within these, both tech and non-tech related.

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