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Operated by IN4 Group, the AWS Cloud Practitioner talent solution enables organisations to scale and increase productivity with high-performing cloud teams.


A unique talent solution for your organisation

In partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), we have developed the AWS Cloud Practitioner talent solution, which enables businesses to scale and increase productivity with high-performing cloud teams.

AWS Training Partners are the only trusted organisations selected by AWS based on their quality and expertise, to offer training developed by AWS.

The AWS Cloud Practitioner supports businesses across sectors to find new talent and upskill existing talent in the AWS cloud, while also offering access to the latest technologies and a practical learning environment at the AWS Modern Workplace Hub at HOST in the heart of MediaCity.

Operating in the cloud enables you to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, improve security and agility, and allows you to focus on your core business and customers.

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Access new AWS talent

As an AWS collaborating organisation, Skills City delivers AWS re/Start Skills Bootcamps in Cloud Engineering and Cloud Security to build an inclusive and diverse global pipeline of new cloud talent by focusing on unemployed and underemployed individuals to help them launch a career in the cloud.

You can recruit from our diverse talent pool of AWS re/Start graduates, which includes career changers or career breakers who are qualified as AWS Cloud Practitioners. This can also be a pathway to Accelerated Apprenticeships.

Our AWS tech internships offer interns to work on your cloud projects, flexibly over 6-12 months. This adds specialist AWS skills to industry projects and an opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ without the costly recruitment overheads.

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Upskill your team with AWS qualifications

As a trusted AWS Training Partner, we can upskill your team’s cloud skills for optimised productivity.  

Whether in the classroom or virtually, you can qualify your existing staff team in AWS in:  Solutions Architecting , Developing Applications , Managing System Operations , Specialty 

You can also bundle our offerings with:  – Training and team building , Certification exams, Self-paced access to labs 

Alongside upskilling, your talent will be able to access our AWS Modern Workplace Programme as well as all the facilities at the AWS Modern Workplace Hub at HOST, MediaCity. 

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Fast-track your projects with tailored training

Not all your project requirements will suit standard off-the-shelf training programmes, so we have developed our bespoke upskilling solutions to help you and your teams achieve a fast and desirable project outcome. 

This will help your team unlock the possibilities of the cloud to streamline operations, strengthen security, and reduce costs, gaining the cloud knowledge they need to tackle complex business challenges and power innovation.

We can also offer up to 90% of funding to go towards upskilling your employees, making it a cost-effective option too. 

We have rich experience with:  Cloud migration solutions , Digital transformation projects , Developing secure and auto-scalable infrastructure 

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The AWS Modern Workplace Hub

In the heart of MediaCity, the AWS Modern Workplace Hub at HOST, the Home of Skills & Technology, offers organisations cutting-edge facilities and a practical hands-on learning environment with AWS Cloud.

As part of our AWS community at HOST, you can: 

– Develop prototypes 

– Network with AWS enthusiasts 

– Share knowledge at our AWS Discovery Days 

– Develop proof of concepts 

– Access sector-specific use cases 

Access our facilities at HOST: 

– AWS DeepRacer 

– Vodafone’s Edge Innovation Lab 

– Demonstrators from ifm, CloudRail, and more

– Immersive Lab 

– Gametech365 campus 

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