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The Manchester Esports Academy (MEA) is an innovative educational enrichment programme specifically designed to inspire young people through their passion for video gaming.


Course Information

The Manchester Esports Academy (MEA) is the first of its kind, junior professional esports education and skills programme for young people in Greater Manchester from ages 8 to 16. The Academy is operated by the IN4 Group and based at HOST, the Home of Skills and Technology, in Media City.
This innovative curriculum integrates video gaming with structured educational modules, focusing on both skill development in video gaming and comprehensive personal growth.

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Benefits of MEA

The MEA approach combines rigorous game-based learning with a focus on developing key life skills, ensuring participants are well-prepared for the technological and social demands of the future. Following a holistic wellbeing approach, the programme integrates modules on nutrition, educating participants about healthy eating habits and their impact on cognitive and physical performance.

The MEA curriculum represents a blend of entertainment and education, providing a unique platform for young enthusiasts to excel in the digital landscape.
The children are taught and supported by a team of dedicated staff, comprising trained coaches with different levels of expertise, and semi-professional and professional players. Our coaches bring a wealth of experience and a nurturing approach to the learning environment, ensuring that each student receives the attention and mentorship they need to excel.

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Class Groups

The MEA classes are split into the following groups:

Aces (8 – 12 years old)

Expert (13 – 14 years old)

Master (15 – 16 years old)

Girls Expert (13 – 16 years old)

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