Industry 4.0 Training & Digital Technology Courses by IN4.0

Enabling Industrial Digital Technologies

Here at IN4, we bring the best industrial IoT, data analytics, AI, cyber and machine learning experts together to deliver proof of concept, business use cases and rapid prototyping.

Industry 4.0 Training Courses That Will Revolutionise Your Digital
Technology Skill Sets

Just as it is changing the way we live our lives, Digital Technology has the power to revolutionise the way we do business, enabling organisations to increase productivity, tap into new markets and boost profitability.

Here at IN4, we have a mission to establish the UK as the place for pioneers in the fourth industrial revolution, supporting businesses with the latest Industry 4.0 Training Courses and Business Services to ensure they are the earliest adopters of industrial digital technologies.

By helping you to build a workforce that will support innovation and keep you at the forefront of technological advances, IN4 can help you to create exciting new job opportunities within your business that keeps talent in the region.

So whether you’re looking to gain new staff within your business, train existing employees or you’re looking to gain a talented, local graduate within your business, IN4 can help. Discover more about our range of services below.

Our Services

From the latest and most engaging Industry 4.0 Training Courses to direct skills recruitment and technological project advice, we can offer a unique range of Business Services to help develop your company.


Empower and advance your business with our unique and ground-breaking IN4 ACCESS training programmes, helping your business to start, scale and succeed in industry 4.0!


The aim of the Digital Entrepreneurs and Video Artists (DEVA) Hack is to create an employability resource for young people that's designed to support their development and articulate their professional career identity.


If you’re looking to bridge skills gaps and create exciting new opportunities for digital technology staff and students within your digital workforce, then IN4 TALENT is the perfect fit to help you recruit with the future in-mind.


Our expert team starts and accelerates projects and solutions in cloud computing and immersive mixed reality, improving your business processes and future proofing your company.

Empowering Businesses

We are empowering startup businesses and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to be at the forefront of this industrial and technological change through:

Bespoke support to identify industry challenges and the technology solutions available

Building specialist know-how and skills within organisations so they can innovate digital technology processes at pace

Connecting businesses with industry experts and technicians to support them through rapid change

Giving access to cutting edge technical laboratories to prototype and test new tech solutions

Brokering new market and supply chain opportunities

Growing a highly skilled and work-ready future workforce through our technical talent development programme

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