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The Modern Workplace

The Modern Workplace programme places advanced digital skills adoption directly into the hands of employers to learn modern worker productivity, directly helping them to increase professional capabilities and maximise employee value.

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An award-winning programme for senior executives

The programme focuses on meeting the demands of local industries and upskilling employees in emerging digital, technical, and soft skills. This means workers are better equipped to absorb new technologies and deliver processes efficiently.

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Phase 1

The programme commences with the Modern Workplace Masterclass series, which educates senior executives via peer-to-peer learning with knowledge and practical understanding through established use cases across business processes, to achieve tangible productivity and growth outcomes. This garners critical support across proof-of-concept projects and staff upskilling which is achieved during the first phase.

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Phase 2

This approach unlocks two critical issues that enable prosperity in the local region. Firstly, we prioritise mid-level workers where, typically, limited skills development stunts personal career progression, and blocks their employers from recruiting more entry-level workers.

Secondly, we target knowledge workers tasked with creating value from new products and services who can’t use their employment to transform workflow processes without better access to data, tools and technology platforms – which is central to modern economies.

We focus on three growth and productivity themes, using industry-standard curriculums:
– Increase productivity with AI
– Analyse and improve continuously with data
– Personalise customer experiences with cloud

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