Training local and diverse talent and then supporting them into sustainable jobs with local employers is hugely important to us. Our training programmes offer a unique opportunity to continue building a bridge to innovation across the North West, and beyond.
This is done alongside our world-class industry partners, such as AWS, and together are driven by the core principles of people, place and community, to create opportunities for local people and reinvest in skills and talent.

Employer collaboration

Working with employers at all levels, we create a clear pathway to jobs and diverse talent recruitment. This industry-led approach means we can offer direct access to talent and skills in high demand technology areas, such as cyber security, software development, coding, and more.

Futureproofing skills

This benefits regions by creating a sustainable talent ecosystem that offers upskilling, training and development opportunities, which increase employment prospects locally through the creation of high-quality jobs and careers.

“We’re very good at mechanical engineering, but we’re not so good when it comes to the Internet of Things and industry 4.0, this is where we found IN4’s support to be excellent. And the knowledge that their junior engineers have in this area has really started to push us along to improve in these areas.”

Sean Barson, Engineering Director at LUR
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