IN4.0 Accelerates Digital Transformation at Crystal Doors

IN4.0 Talent has been working closely with manufacturer Crystal Doors to deliver industrial projects and as a result, it has employed Ben Horn as a full-time digital champion and Lewis Cookson as an engineer intern to help accelerate its digital transformation.

The Challenge

The first project looked at the development of a RFID (radio-frequency identification) tracking system for the manufacturing process so that data, such as the time of delivery, can be captured at each stage of production to improve efficiency.

The second project looked at the monitoring of machines over 10 years old, which have sensors for health and safety, but don’t offer any big data information so they can’t give an understanding of predictive maintenance or volumes of work.

The Solution

The IN4.0 Talent graduates looked at tracking materials throughout the production process with RFID tagging so that all of the data during the manufacturing process is then updated onto the RFID chip at every stage.

This creates a two-way visibility for both the business and its customers, so they gain an understanding of where each product is in the process. They can then feedback to customers, carry out their own analysis as well as have the ability to push data to the RFID chip.

For the machine monitoring project, they took an old packing machine and researched how to retrofit it with sensors that would allow the business to monitor it like an industry 4.0 machine.

They then researched into how they would build a software platform on the AWS infrastructure so that the machines could be monitored and controlled remotely.

The Benefits

Richard Hagan, Managing Director of Crystal Doors said: “The quality, calibre and enthusiasm that the IN4.0 Talent graduates have shown throughout their projects has been absolutely fantastic.

“We didn’t have the funding, time or the resources for the projects that we wanted to do, but it was made possible through IN4.0 Talent, who added so much value to our work. They did a deep dive into the technologies available to us so now we are much better placed to move forward with our digital transformation.”

“The RFID and sensor projects have now gone live when we normally would have been sitting on them for another six months, this opportunity is enabling commercial companies to catapult projects that they should be working on, with a faster and more immediate impact.”

“Employing staff like Ben and a Junior Engineer intern to support with digital transformation has more than educated me in the latest technology, it’s broadened my network.”

“Ben has made a big impact in such little time, he has already made massive inroads with introducing digital technologies and cost saving efficiencies, I’m really pleased to have been given the opportunity to employ him through IN4.0 Talent.”

“Having the ability to take talent out of postgraduate education and straight into projects lessens the risk for employers.”

“We’ve now got IN4.0 Talent to help place digital champions within a company with the expertise you need to advance the adoption of digital technologies – this is a brilliant opportunity to develop our future leaders.”

Get in touch

Our IN4.0 Academy develops STEM graduates into highly skilled Junior Engineers who can provide instant project support. We have a range of flexible recruitment options available, including permanent recruitment and a contractor model.

Employers in the North West who are interested in accessing digital champions like Ben, to support the development of their businesses are welcome to get in touch with the IN4.0 team at:

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