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A guest blog by Katrina Brophy, who recently took part in the July Get Started with Content Creation course.

Did you know nature has many benefits to your health and well being? Nature helps reduce the feeling of worry and upset. It helps to lower blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension.

Time to Stop

Nature is beautiful to look at and nowadays, people don’t take the time to slow down and take in their surroundings, or appreciate what they see and hear around them. 

My Video

I have created my video to guide people through taking a moment to breathe, look at their surroundings, as well as listen to the sounds around them and take it all in.

InShot was the app I used to add the sound effect of feet walking over leaves. I also did a voice over to make this video feel more personal and I made the video into a ‘Tik Tok’ style canvas. I included transitions, text and my video recording of Entwistle Reservoir, where most of the video took place.

I ended my video in a different surrounding – in a room with my yoga mat and exercise ball. I did this because I wanted to show that there are many things that can make people happy in life, not just nature or taking a walk.

What Makes You Happy?

Another reason why I did this video is because I enjoy doing yoga and going on walks. Through out lock down this year, these have been two of the ways which have helped me relax and clear my thoughts.

Everybody likes to do different things, but knowing what makes you happy is a good place to start.

I hope my video will help people to pause whatever they’re doing, take in what’s around them and find happiness in life!

Katrina's Video

Katrina recently completed the 2-week Get Started with Content Creation digital boot camp and she created her own piece of video content.

Katrina’s video takes a look at life in lock down and taking the time to appreciate your surroundings!

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