The esports industry is continuing to increase in popularity as global market revenue is predicted to grow to $1.62 billion in the next three years, and the number of jobs available in esports globally grew by 87% from 5,896 in 2018 to 11,027 in 2019.

Esports studio

IN4 has launched a first of its kind Esports Studio at HOST in the heart of MediaCity to offer a dedicated training space for local esports teams and bootcamps focused on fostering future gaming talent and supporting the development of the esports and XR immersive community in the North West. We are working with industry leaders to create an accessible, multi-disciplinary studio, to advocate esports related skills and prepare the next generation for tomorrow’s jobs, today.

Esports academy

IN4 is building on its existing technology pedigree to establish an esports academy as part of its Skills City bootcamps, committed to providing fair access to digital skills training and breaking the barriers faced by those from underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds, with links to the UK Unity Centre of Excellence, a world leader in real-time 3D (RT3D) content.

Esports ecosystem

We are aiming to nurture new start-ups and entrepreneurs in the esports and video games industries; develop a network of stakeholders, including government, corporates, businesses and citizens; and deliver world-class esports and immersive events.

As well as helping to develop highly skilled and diverse talent in the sector, we are creating a comprehensive careers education and inspiration programme for schools and colleges. This will engage with young people interested in the digital and media-related skillsets esports offers in formal education.

Women in esports

With women in the tech sector remaining largely underrepresented at 17% in the UK, IN4 is committed to removing the present barriers impacting diversity and inclusion, and readdressing gender inequality. We are championing women in esports events as an opportunity for women to meet and network with inspirational women in the esports and video game sector while learning more about future careers, digital bootcamps, events and tournament opportunities.

“I am passionate about this Women in Esports event because I want to be a part of the change that pushes more female participation in competitive esports.” 

Zoe Guo, The University of Manchester and UoM Esports Society
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