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Companies are more aware than ever before of the need to drive a digital transformation agenda, but accessing the right talent to drive this can be a challenge.

This isn’t just about finding people with the latest qualifications, it’s about hiring people with the right blend of academic background, professional qualifications, technical expertise and soft skills. Plus ambition and resilience. We call this being “work ready”.

Businesses that can access work ready and talented graduates will have the technology and engineering skills required to give them the highest chance of thriving.

The IN4 Academy has been designed to help employers build a diverse, ambitious and highly-skilled workforce for their business, to drive digital transformation and create the leaders of tomorrow.

The IN4 Academy

AWS re/Start and IN4 Group collaborate in this fully funded graduate recruitment and development programme, working like a bridge to connect businesses in Greater Manchester and Lancashire with talented graduates.

A 12-week graduate development and recruitment programme that works like a bridge to connect employers with talented, diverse graduates.

We can help you hire the brightest talent from every background – and they’ll be more advanced than most graduates thanks to our fast-track programme. This includes assisting them with developing their technical and soft skills – so no more lag time between hiring talent and them delivering value.

We partner with employers to offer industrial placements as part of the academy, giving organisations the chance to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, thanks to getting talent that’s ready to go and a chance to see the graduates in action.

The end result? Less risk, lower cost and faster impact.

Watch our success story:

Employers who are already benefiting

We are working with a number of employers in the North West of the UK who are already benefiting from “work ready” graduates to help undertake industrial projects and drive digital transformation within their organisations:

BAE Systems Partnership
LUR Business Support
Crystal Doors Talent Acquisition Programmes
NSG Group Graduate Recruitment
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