Unity Centre of Excellence

IN4 Group has established the first UK Unity Centre of Excellence (COE), making it the national centre for the biggest video games and immersive platform in the world.

The centre, based at innovation hub HOST in MediaCity, offers extensive in-person support to students, professionals and small businesses with a mission of becoming the ‘Beacon of the North’ for best-in-class technical skills and innovation across industries.

It aims to upskill learners to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow, promote immersive technology usage across sectors, create highly skilled jobs and establish a central home for the thriving UK video games industry.

Upskilling in Unity technologies

Through Skills City bootcamps, the centre offers learners unrivalled certified training directly from Unity’s expert instructors to become certified Unity professional programmers and professional artists.

Immersive innovation

IN4 has developed its Immersive Innovation Programmes which bring together the creativity, imagination and expertise of Unity and Unreal Engine for businesses to develop their augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) or mixed reality (XR) service or project within a supportive business growth community.

Affordable solutions

As an authorised diamond reseller, Unity software is available at a 25% discounted rate, and we can also support with Unity Certification training packs to help organisations develop their staff to Centre of Excellence standards.

Unity COE on Campus

The Unity Centre of Excellence on Campus connects higher education institutions to the Unity Academic Alliance community, creating a multi-faculty Unity Certified Instructor Team, which is trained and professionally certified by Unity.

Unity professional training is embedded into the curriculum, producing highly employable graduates with an internationally recognised professional certification, which connects them to jobs through the COE.

This also creates an industry innovation hub for the region, generating digital start-up businesses, which link trained instructors to the UK Unity COE business network. It also offers income generation and business assistance by providing continuing professional development (CPD) to businesses in the region.

The first Unity COE on Campus was established in partnership with the University of Salford to bring immersive technology skills, jobs and business innovation support to the Salford region.

“The Unity Centre of Excellence will define a new premium standard of skills generation in Unity. With the pace of innovation across industries, the academy is built to support the next generation of skills needed both for the roles of today and tomorrow.”

Nicole Zingg, Global Head of Channel Partnerships at Unity
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