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A guest blog by Mina Matesun, who recently took part in the July Get Started with Content Creation course.

My content was based on languages and so I’m going to talk about why I chose this topic and the process of making my short video. And like my video I’ll try and keep this brief.

When I first started the project with DEVA/hack, I had just come out of a breakup, lost my job, decided I didn’t like my degree and recently moved back to Manchester and of course we are in the middle of a PANDEMIC!! So I had been living in York for 3-4 years and since I was back there were two things I needed to find: a new passion and to reconnect with my home city.

This project helped me to figure out how to do both. I started thinking about what makes me love Manchester and it was the culture. There are so many different people that make up our community “and that is makes me so proud to live here.”  

Then I started to think bigger about how much I love the different cultures of the world and how many different ways we communicate.

Especially, languages. And thus, inspiring my choice in career and my video. This project allowed me to look at interpretation!!! I wanted to do my video on the different languages spoken in our great city of Manchester.

The Planning Process

Well initially I had an idea of what concept I wanted which was to have different people reading each line of script I had prepared in their own language and then I would voice over.

I was excited at the sheer process vision of it all, so I went and wrote which languages I wanted to use, being that it was a short video, wrote the speech about Manchester and I also wrote a text that I was going to send to those that I knew asking if they wanted to be part of my video and what it entails. Then finally I had to break down which lines I thought best suited which language. Then time to gather content….

I picked one of the 3 days we had remaining once my idea was fully realised and went out into the city to take pictures and videos that capture my idea of Manchester’s beauty. I had sent that message and chased up people to get their videos. Some responded immediately, others took their time, a few even ignored me. After a while you would think I would be discouraged or panicked because some people didn’t get their videos to me until Tuesday morning, but you would be wrong. I was so passionate about this topic I felt like I could do anything and find anyone to be a part of my video.

My video was supposed to include different ages, races and genders but alas only the women produced their videos so 2/3 ain’t bad right?

Plus a video with multiple beautiful, intelligent, bilingual(minimum), strong women?? The feminist in me was dancing by the time I cut it all together and realised how empowering it looked.

Introducing InShot

The real star of the show. Editing was actually sooooo easy and for me to use and to create such professional looking content in such a short time??I was so impressed. So my editing…

The process was simple I used my phone to cut the video to only the words I needed and added them to the video in the order they say the phrase/word in my speech. For the videos I was missing at the time I placed a picture or video of the city just so I knew that there was a missing phrase.

Then I started to add subtitles, followed that was the music and any added clips. I didn’t film the intro and outro until the final day because I wanted to look rested and pretty (I don’t know who I thought was going to see this) but anyway… I digress. Then finally I did the most difficult part which was the voice over. I started with the singular words then worked my way up to the longer sentences. Let me tell you.. THIS was so challenging!

The hardest part was syncing the words with the videos. Once I struggled with syncing my OWN video, I knew it was going to be a struggle, but I was resilient and managed to do it.

I got back to those who featured my video and they all said my pronunciation was spot on which was one of my biggest concerns. Maybe they lied but oh well I had fun and so did they!

My biggest take from this project was that aside from all of the negativity and struggle that’s in the world right now, there are so many positives. I wanted people to feel hear/seen and most importantly to express my adoration. I have such a love and appreciation for other cultures and it won’t stop here 😉

Mina's Video

Mina recently completed the 2-week Get Started with Content Creation digital boot camp and she created her own piece of video content.

Her video takes a look at diversity and the number of languages spoken in Manchester!

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